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Connecting Hightouch to Datafold

To install the Hightouch integration, navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Data Applications and click on the Add New Integration button.

Select Hightouch as your integration and click Create.

Generate an API Key in Hightouch

To complete this integration you'll need to access your Hightouch account and navigate to Settings -> API Keys -> Add API Key to generate a new, unique API key for Datafold to use.


Your API key will appear only once, so please copy and save it to your password manager for further use.

Copy Hightouch Workspace URL

Then, grab your workspace URL, by navigating to Settings -> Workspace -> Workspace URL or by finding the workspace name in the search bar (<workspace_name/>).

Configure in Datafold

To configure in Datafold, start by creating an Integration Name. This is an identifier used in Datafold to uniquely identify this integration.

Then, enter your Workspace URL and the API Key gathered from Hightouch.

Match Hightouch Data Sources to Datafold

When the correct credentials are entered we will begin to populate data sources in Hightouch (on the left side) that will need to be mapped to data sources configured in Datafold (on the right side).

When completed, click Submit.

It may take some time to sync all the Hightouch entities to Datafold and for Lineage to populate. When completed your Hightouch models and sync will appear in Catalog as search results and Hightouch sources in data sources filter.

Uninstall a Hightouch Integration

To uninstall a Hightouch integration:

  • Remove the integration from Datafold by navigating to Settings -> Data Applications and clicking on the integration that you wish to remove. Click Delete to complete the removal.