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On-premise Deployment with Slack


On-prem deployments are an Enterprise feature. Please email to enable your account.

Steps to complete:

  1. Create a Slack Application
  2. Configure Slack in Datafold

Create a Slack App

On-prem clients of Datafold need to create their own Slack app, rather than use the shared Datafold Slack application.

To begin, navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Global Settings. After scrolling down the page, you'll arrive at the Slack configuration.

Then, click the Create a Slack app configuration token. You will be redirected to Slack, where you will be prompted to create a slack app or generate a token. Here, click Generate Token.

Copy the token and paste it into the configuration form in Datafold. Then, click Create Slack App.

The client id, secret, and signing secret will auto-populate to complete the connection.

Configure Slack in Datafold

With the Slack App creation completed, you can proceed on to the Slack integration setup.


The Slack App is set to Not distributed, meaning that it is only accessible to the Datafold instance running on-prem.