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GitHub for VPCs


VPC deployments are an Enterprise feature. Please email to enable your account.

Create GitHub Application

VPC clients of Datafold need to create their own GitHub app, rather than use the shared Datafold GitHub application.

To begin, navigate to Settings Global Settings.

To begin the set up process, enter the domain that was registered for the VPC deployment in AWS or GCP. Then, enter the name of the GitHub organization where you'd like to install the application. When filled, click Create GitHub App.

This will redirect the admin to GitHub, where they may need to authenticate. The GitHub user must be an admin of the GitHub organization.

After authentication, you should be directed to enter a description for the GitHub App. After entering the description, click Create Github app.

Once the application is created, you should be returned to the Datafold settings screen. The button should then have disappeared, and the details for the GitHub App should be visible.

Configure GitHub in Datafold

If you see this screen with all the details, you've successfully created a GitHub App! Now that the app is created, you have to install it using the GitHub integration setup.