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Setting up Google OAuth on Datafold

Steps to complete:

Create OAuth Client ID

To begin, navigate to the Google admin console for your organization, click Create Credentials, and select OAuth Client ID.


To configure OAuth, you may need to first configure your consent screen. We recommend selecting Internal to keep access limited to users in your Google workspace and organization.

Configure OAuth

  • Application type: "Web application"
  • Authorized JavaScript origins: https://<>
  • Authorized redirect URIs: https://<>/oauth/google

Finally, click Create. You will see a set of credentials that you will copy over to your Datafold Global Settings.

Configure Google OAuth in Datafold

To finish the configuration, paste the OAuth credentials in your Datafold Global Settings.

To begin, navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Global Settings. When scrolling down on the page you'll see a check box for Google OAuth Enabled.

Clicking the checkbox will reveal two additional fields. In the first, enter the domain or URL of your OAuth client ID. In the second, paste your Client Secret.

When completed, scroll all the way down the page to click Save.