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Usage Analytics & Data Privacy

data-diff collects anonymous usage data to help our team improve the tool and to apply development efforts to where our users need them most.

We capture two events: one when the data-diff run starts, and one when it is finished. No user data or potentially sensitive information is or ever will be collected. The captured data is limited to:

  • Operating System and Python version
  • Types of databases used (postgresql, mysql, etc.)
  • Sizes of tables diffed, run time, and diff row count (numbers only)
  • Error message, if any, truncated to the first 20 characters.
  • A persistent UUID to indentify the session, stored in ~/.datadiff.toml

If you do not wish to participate, the tracking can be easily disabled with one of the following methods:

  • In the CLI, use the --no-tracking flag.
  • In the config file, set no_tracking = true (for example, under [run.default])
  • If you're using the Python API:
import data_diff
data_diff.disable_tracking() # Call this first, before making any API calls
# Connect and diff your tables without any tracking