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You can use the following options to specify the configuration of a data-diff run.

# Specify the default run parameters
verbose = true
stats = true
data-diff DB1_URI TABLE1_NAME DB2_URI TABLE2_NAME --debug --v -k order_id
CategoryConfig keyCLI switch                                       DescriptionWithin-DatabaseCross-Database
help--helpShow help message and exit.
Schemakey_columns-k or --key-columnsName of the primary key column. If none provided, default is 'id'.
Schemaupdate_column-t or --update-columnName of updated_at/last_updated column.
Schemacolumns-c or --columnsNames of extra columns to compare. Can be used more than once in the same command. Accepts a name or a pattern, like in SQL. Example: -c col% -c another_col -c %foorb.r%
Schemaassume_unique_key--assume-unique-keySkip validating the uniqueness of the key column during joindiff, which is costly in non-cloud dbs.
Filteringmin_age--min-ageConsiders only rows older than specified. Useful for specifying replication lag. Example: --min-age=5min ignores rows from the last 5 minutes. Valid units: d, days, h, hours, min, minutes, mon, months, s, seconds, w, weeks, y, years
Filteringmax_age--max-ageConsiders only rows younger than specified. See --min-age.
Filteringwhere-w, --whereAn additional 'where' expression to restrict the search space.
Performancelimit-l or --limitMaximum number of differences to find (limits maximum bandwidth and runtime).
Performancethreads-j or --threadsNumber of worker threads to use per database. Default=1.
Performancealgorithm-a, --algorithmForce algorithm choice. Options: auto, joindiff, hashdiff
Performancebisection_threshold--bisection-thresholdMinimal size of segment to be split. Smaller segments will be downloaded and compared locally.
Performancebisection_factor--bisection-factorSegments per iteration. When set to 2, it performs binary search.
Outputstats-s or --statsPrint stats instead of a detailed diff.
Outputdebug-d or --debugPrint debug info.
Outputinteractive-i or --interactiveConfirm queries, implies --debug
Outputverbose-v or --verbosePrint extra info.
Outputjson--jsonPrint JSONL output for machine readability.
Outputsample_exclusive_rows--sample-exclusive-rowsSample several rows that only appear in one of the tables, but not the other. Use with -s.
Outputmaterialize_all_rows--materialize-all-rowsMaterialize every row, even if they are the same, instead of just the differing rows.
Outputmaterialize-m, --materializeMaterialize the diff results into a new table in the database. If a table exists by that name, it will be replaced. Use %t in the name to place a timestamp. Example: -m test_mat_%t
Outputtable_write_limit--table-write-limitMaximum number of rows to write when creating materialized or sample tables, per thread. Default=1000.
Settings--conf, --runSpecify the run and configuration from a TOML file.
Settingsno_tracking--no-trackingdata-diff sends home anonymous usage data. Use this to disable it.