Onprem Slack
Before setting up the Slack integration we need to create the Slack app. This step is required for on-prem credentials, since we cannot ship it with the Datafold app because that would include shipping the Slack App secrets.
First, we go to Global settings within your Datafold deployment. If you scroll down you'll see the Slack settings:
We click the Create a Slack app configuration token:
This token gives admin permissions for the Datafold API to set up the Slack integration. Select the workspace, and copy the Access Token:
We paste the token into the top input box, and hit Create Slack App:
Now you'll see the client id, secret and signing secret being set up:
Now you're ready to follow the steps in Slack integration. If you want to know more about the Slack App itself, you can refresh the Slack page, and the Datafold app will appear:
The Slack App is set to Not distributed, meaning that it is only accessible to the Datafold instance running on-prem.
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