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  • To configure dbt Cloud, you must first connect a Data Source and connect a GitHub or GitLab account.
  • You will need a dbt Team account or higher to access the dbt API Datafold.

Connect your accounts using a token

  • You will need either a Service Token or a User Token:
    • Service Token (Recommended):
      • Navigate to Account Settings -> Service Tokens -> + New Token

        • Add a Token Name
        • Add a Permission Set

          • Permission Set: Member
          • Project: All Projects, or check only the projects to use with Datafold
          • Save

    • User Token:
      • Navigate to Your Profile -> API Access
        • Copy

Set up dbt Cloud CI

In dbt Cloud, set up dbt Cloud CI so that your Pull Request job runs when you open or update a Pull Request.

dbt Cloud CI requires you to create at least two dbt Cloud jobs: a Production job and a Pull Request job. To integrate with Datafold, you may need to create additional jobs, which are described below.

Create an Artifacts Job to provide Datafold with dbt Artifacts

We recommend creating a job in dbt Cloud that sends production artifacts (the manifest.json file) to Datafold on a regular basis. This is the easiest way to get started with Datafold.

Continuous Deployment

Alternatively, you can set up continuous deployment by creating a Merge Trigger Production Job using a tool like GitHub Actions.

Artifacts Job

An Artifacts Job is a dbt Cloud job that executes a dbt compile command on an hourly basis.

Select this job as the "Job that creates dbt artifacts" when setting up your dbt Cloud Integration.