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Connecting PagerDuty for Datafold Alerts


To complete this integration you must have a PagerDuty role of User, Admin, Manager, Global Admin, or Account Owner.

To connect PagerDuty, navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Notifications and click on the Add New Integration button.

Select PagerDuty as your integration and click Create.

Creating a service in PagerDuty

To complete the configuration you'll need to login to your PagerDuty account and follow steps to create a service and generate a new integration key.

When completed, enter your Service Name and Integration key into the configuration form and click Create.

Subscribing to alerts

With this PagerDuty integration established, you can now send alerts directly to PagerDuty and trigger an escalation automatically.

To configure:

  • Navigate to the alert you wish to subscribe to
  • Click on the Add Subscription button
  • Select PagerDuty from the drop down menu

Uninstalling the PagerDuty Integration

To uninstall PagerDuty:

  • Remove the PagerDuty subscriptions from all alerts.
  • Remove the integration from Datafold by navigating to Settings -> Notifications and clicking on the PagerDuty account that you wish to remove. Click Delete to complete the removal.