First, you'll need your Hightouch API key and workspace name to set up the integration.

Go to your Hightouch workspace ( -> Settings -> API Keys -> Add API Key
Your API key will appear only once, so please copy and save it to your password manager for further use.
Add API Key in Hightouch Settings
Grab your workspace URL, by navigating to Settings -> Workspace -> Workspace URL

To set up the integration with Hightouch, as an admin, go to Settings -> Data apps -> Add new data app.
Then select Hightouch as an integration type.
Create a name, paste in your Hightouch workspace URL, API key and wait for the list of Hightouch sources to load.
At this stage, we have to match Hightouch sources (on the left) and data sources in Datafold (on the right).
Just hit Submit after you're done with matching.
It will take some time to sync all the Hightouch entities to Datafold and for Lineage to do its job, but your Hightouch models and sync will appear in Catalog as search results, and Hightouch sources in data sources filter.
Also, you'll be able to see Hightouch models and syncs as a part of your Lineage. Models will contain columns and syncs will contain destination names.
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