This guide will take you through the GitLab integration.
Setting up the GitLab integrations requires Admin privileges. Confirm that you have the correct permissions before continuing.
This guide will take you through the required steps to set up Datafold with GitLab. Let's start by adding a new Git config.
The integration name is a reference to the repository.
As the token we both support project access token and personal token. Project access tokens are preferred since they will stay active if the person leaves the Gitlab organization:
Datafold requires the Maintainer role.
For the personal access token; you can fetch the access token from your profile page in GitLab. For the integration the api permissions are sufficient.
Let's use our example repository datafold/dbt-snowflake in GitLab. As the name suggests, this is a simple example setup using dbt with a Snowflake backend.
After saving, it is always a good idea to hit the Test button to check if everything is set up correctly:
After this, make sure to set up a CI under the CI settings.
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