Deploying Datafold within your Google Cloud Platform

This guide will take you through the steps to create a new project to set up datafold within your own Cloud environment. For isolation reasons, it is best practice to create a new project within your GCP organization. Please call it something like yourcompany-datafold to make it easily identifiable for us both:
It takes a minute to create the project. Afterward, you should be able to see the new project:
Navigate to the IAM tab to invite Datafold to the project:
Add a new user to the project:
Invite the Datafold solution engineer (<user> to the project, and assign him as an owner of the project:
The Owner is required, because of the IAM permissions to create a service account, which will be used to run Datafold. After setting up Datafold, the permission can be revoked. The service account will run under “Project/Editor”, “Service Networking/Service Networking Admin” permissions. We'll enable the following GCP APIs to run Datafold:
Once the access has been granted, make sure to notify Datafold, so we can initiate the deployment.
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