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Development Testing: Team Cloud

See value-level impact as you develop in dbt.

Create a Team Cloud account to view and save value-level impact reports generated while developing in your dbt local environment.

Team Cloud

🔧 Interested in adding Datafold Team Cloud to your CI pipeline? Let's talk! ☎️

Set up your dbt project

Install Datafold's open source data-diff tool and update a few lines in your dbt_project.yml by following these installation instructions.

Create a Team Cloud account

If you don't already have a Team Cloud account, reach out to our team to get started.

Configure a data source

To connect to your data warehouse, navigate to Settings Integrations Data warehouses and click Add new integration and follow the prompts. For more information, check out our Data Source configuration guides.

After you Test and Save, add the Data Source ID (which can be found on the Data warehouses page) to your dbt_project.yml.

# dbt_project.yml
datasource_id: <DATA_SOURCE_ID>

Generate an API key

To generate a personal API key, navigate to Settings Account and click Create API Key.

Copy and export your API Key as an environment variable. We suggest storing it in a file like .zshrc or .bash_profile, but you can also run the command below directly in your project.


On-prem customers should set an environment variable specifying the URL you use to access Datafold.

export DATAFOLD_HOST=https://datafold.domain.tld

Run data-diff --dbt --cloud

Build 1 or more dbt models, and then run data-diff --dbt --cloud to see the impact that your model changes had on the data.

dbt run --select <MODEL> && data-diff --dbt --cloud