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Connecting Mode to Datafold


To complete this integration your Mode account must be a part of a Mode Business Workspace in order to generate an API Token.

To install the Mode integration, navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Data Applications and click on the Add New Integration button.

Select Mode as your integration and click Create.

Generate an API Token and Password in Mode

To complete the configuration, follow these steps to generate an API token and password in Mode.

Configure in Datafold

Back in Datafold, we will enter an Integration Name (a name used to identify this integration in Datafold) and the Token and Password generated in the previous step.

Click Submit when the details are correctly entered.

It can take some time to fetch all the reports, depending on the number of reports, but soon after they will begin to populate in the Datafold Catalog.

Uninstall a Mode Integration

To uninstall a Mode integration:

  • Remove the integration from Datafold by navigating to Settings -> Data Applications and clicking on the Mode integration that you wish to remove. Click Delete to complete the removal.