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data-diff enables data professionals to detect differences in values between any two tables.

It's fast, easy to use, and reliable. Even at massive scale.

Join us on GitHub if you'd like to contribute to this open source library!

How to use

Diff Tables Between Databases

Quickly identify issues when migrating data between databases

Diff Tables Within Databases

Improve code reviews by identifying data problems you don't have tests for

Here's a list of amazing things data-diff can do!

  • ⇄ Verifies across many different databases (e.g., PostgreSQL ⇄ Snowflake) or within a database
  • 🔍 Outputs diff of rows in detail
  • 🚨 Simple CLI/API to create monitoring and alerts
  • 🔁 Bridges column types of different formats and levels of precision (e.g. Double ⇆ Float ⇆ Decimal)
  • 🔥 Verify 25M+ rows in <10s, and 1B+ rows in ~5min.
  • ♾️ Works for tables with 10s of billions of rows

Read more about our common use cases, or jump right in and install data-diff and run your first diff.