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Azure DevOps


Our Azure DevOps integration is currently in early access.
Please contact to request access.

1. Issue an Access Token

To get your repository access token, navigate to your Azure DevOps settings and create a new token.

When configuring your token, enable following permissions:

  • Code -> Read & write
  • Identity -> Read

We need write access to the repository to post reports with Data Diff results to pull requests, and read access to identities to be able to properly display Azure DevOps users in the Datafold UI.

2. Configure integration in Datafold

Navigate back to Datafold and fill in the configuration form.

  • Personal/project Access Token: the token you created in step 1.
  • Organization: your Azure DevOps organization name.
  • Project: your Azure DevOps project name.
  • Repository: your Azure DevOps repository name.

For example, if your Azure DevOps repository URL is

  • Your Organization is datafold
  • your Project is analytics
  • your Repository is dbt