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Data Diff

Data Diff enables teams to be proactive with their data testing. With Data Diff, you can easily validate that updates to your data pipelines won't cause breaking changes in production.

Data Diff automates regression testing with integration into the CI process through GitHub and GitLab. With Data Diff, you can validate every source code change and easily see how changes in your code impact the data produced across all rows and columns.

Data Diff checks every change to a data pipeline and highlights how the change in source code will affect the data produced by the pipeline. Save hours of time on manual testing while avoiding regressions in ETL.

Diffs can run automatically on a new code change and flag potential issues directly in your pull request. Using Datafold, you can easily validate the data changes before merging in any potential issues. Let code reviewers, team leadership, and all stakeholders evaluate the impact of a change at a glance.